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. for example, developing new systems. in the u.s. working more closely with the community college cans to design skills programs and apprenticeships to get you from the classroom into a job. we have increased a number of engineers in the united states. a lot of the unfilled positions in the united states are it science and technology. >> a company like apple. hugely successful. employing 90% of its workforce outside of don't perceive, of any kind of moral, capitalist duty, in the way of someone like howard schultz is deliberately opening factories in america at a cost of the company, because he can do it cheaper abroad, because he believes he has a moral duty to do some of should more businesses do this? >> yes, we need to do that. but, of course there, are 3 million jobs out there that can't be filled because of what laura is saying, and that's really true of apple. because if we don't have enough technicians, we don't have enough engineers, so that's part of the problem. we need to start educating people for the jobs that are there. and for the jobs that will be most competitive here
the vehicles the u.s. government has and put them on -- >> that is just 200,000, exactly, that is leadership, if he did that. it doesn't have to go on natural gas. put it on domestic fuel is what you need to do. get off of opec oil. but oil that we purchase from the middle east, from saudi arabia, particularly, some part of that money goes to the taliban, okay? just get out of there and come home. and -- they don't want us there. you're trying to change a culture that has been there for centuries. and you know, you want to change it to -- a democracy? if they came over here and imposed their culture on us, of course we would not even consider it. but, and that is their attitude, too. they do not want -- >> most people are not going to change in their spouse, how are they -- >> exactly. >> tell me something, we're going to run into the final segment and bring everybody back together here and have you sit with kind of our economic war team. so when you come back, i would like to think, what do you think is the greatest economic strategy, when we come back. >> sure. >> ♪ (train horn) vo: wher
on the attack today, slamming obama and biden on their response to the u.s. ambassador's murder in libya. >> the vice president directly contradicted the sworn testimony of state department officials. he's doubling down on denial. >> plus, my all-star panel weigh in on the v.p. debate and why the stakes are so high in tuesday's presidential debate, round two. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. it was the best reality show by far this season. about as real as you can get. the vice presidential debate has already been called the most heated and compelling in history. 25 days to go before the election, it could be a huge factor in who wins the white house. with his grins and his jabs, biden went on the offensive but ryan didn't back down. here's one memorable exchange between the two. >> you can cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve these important preferences for middle class taxpayers -- >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it's been done before. it's precisely what we're proposing -- >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a coupl
on a myth and that myth is that at some point in the past, the u.s. was able to simply snap its fingers or flex its muscles and force the world to its will. that has never been the case. i think it's really dangerous to consider the prospects of having a president of the united states who imagines that it is the case. we have to work with other countries to get forward and move forward. we can't just go into libya or syria or egypt or any of these places, walk in there and say you have to do exactly what we want. if mitt romney truly believes that, then i shudder to think how many places he's going to try to commit our u.s. military in the mistaken belief that they can force their will upon the rest of the world. that's just not the way it works. let's take afghanistan. what is governor romney's policy on afghanistan? he hasn't said it except to state again that we need to show strength. does that mean that we need more troops in afghistan for a longer period of time? i think that would be a horrible mistake. >> i agree -- >> president obama has the right policy. >> rather like his tax
bin laden. the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s did. he didn't find bin laden. an enormous intelligence effort over a long period did. if you read the remarkable recent book "the finish" by mark bowden who earlier had done "blackhawk down" you get a sense of the effort that went into tracking down and killing bin laden. i don't take anything away from the president for making the decision to do it but i think it would be pretty hard for a president not to have decided to go after bin laden once they found him. >> yes, but let's be honest. if it was the other way round and mitt romney was the incumbent president and he had taken out bin laden, he would be talking about nothing else. it's all politics, isn't it, at the end of the day. let's get down to nitty-gritty here. let's move on to ohio. because it's getting increasingly clear it's going to be a very, very tight race. may all come down to ohio. how important is this whole issue of the auto bailout going to be, do you think? the democrats clearly believe -- >> well, look, i think -- >> the lower unemployment rates in states like ohio will be to
to the biggest hailstone in u.s. history. oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage. yep. the right choice now can pay off later. looks like a bowling ball. yeah. oh! agents, say hello to the second-biggest hailstone in u.s. history. [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >>> tonight in america and then there was one. cyclist lance armstrong was one of the biggest tourists in america. cancer surviving icon, renowned for unbelievable talent, determination, resilience and courage. just one problem. the real reason it was so unbelievable is because he cheated. he was epic fraud of epic prisoner portion. it's not about the bike, which is repeated proud mantra. he's right. it was about the amount of dope blood injeked into his body. for a decade or more, he insisted the doping rumors were bad face lies and meant to smear him. he berated journalists, using expensive lawyers. he employed the same tactic on female colleagues he compelled to conspire in his cheating. now from a report from antidoping,
on the golf course. the u.s. team had great support. and it was a really sort of fieryfeisty atmosphere for us to play in. you get sports fans coming to watch golf and sports fans that behave a certain way. obviously, our goal was just to try to hush the crowd. and i think for the american team, that silence could be deafening and i kept trying to use that phrase during the week. when the place went quiet, that must have been unnerving for them. >> to beat the americans in their own backyard at golf. in recent years, we've had a much better record. historically, this was almost unthinkable in the old days. how good a feeling is it? >> even seeing them now, it really was one of the most remarkable comebacks i can think in any kind of sport. it hasn't happened before. european ryder cup teams have never done it before. they've done it to us in '99 for the same four-point deficit, and that hurt the european team badly. so we knew last night what it would mean if we could switch that round. but switch it round in their back garden as opposed to them doing it on their own home soil back in 1999. >>
trapp, and i sea food differently. agents, say hello to the biggest hailstone in u.s. history.p, oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage. yep. the right choice now can pay off later. looks like a bowling ball. yeah. oh! agents, say hello to the second-biggest hailstone in u.s. history. [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >>> you spoke at the dnc. congratulations on that that was very well done. >> i was so nervous. >> were you? >> yes. >> it was so energizing and being will, like the platform was shaking, that's how crazy the crowd was. >> i don't like speaking publicly when i don't have to be funny. >> we all get along with that. my favorite ladies talking my favorite subject, chelsea handler's late night show has a surprise when it reveals its new stunning stage and she's back with me now. round three of our interview exchanges. >> i missed you so much. >> how are you? >> desperate to see you. desperate. >> you have a spanking new stage, it houses 250 people and sign some abso
for. we bombed the u.s. and uk. after 9/11, i thought it was important for them to go in and find out whether we destroyed them or not. we later learned, when he was deposed that it was destroyed in '98 and he didn't want anybody to know because he thought it would weaken them. to me, there was no credible nuclear intelligence. this is quite different. they don't even pretend they are not -- they don't have central funlgs and can enrich uranium. they have gone up to the limit and they have the capacity to go well beyond what is necessary to generate the kind of material necessary to turn on the lights, to generate electricity. i think it's a very, very different thing. >> president clinton's main focus. we caught a splash on the campaign trail. when we come back, is it bias for mitt romney? [ female announcer ] now yoplait is the only yogurt brand endorsed by weight watchers and your taste buds have always endorsed us. so, you know what this means... this is a real win win! yoplait, it is so good. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all
to reform their behavior. there was no need for 5,000 or 6,000 u.s. young men and women to lose their lives. >> coming up, president ahmadinejad's provocative opinions on israel. he tells us what he really meant when he called for the country to be wiped off the map. >>> in what may have been a >>> in what may have been a preview of his speech to the general assembly on wednesday, president ahmadinejad criticized israel today. speaking to reporters, he said the nation has quote, no roots in the middle east. he was also contentious with me when we discussed israeli/palestinian relations. let me turn, mr. president, if i may, to israel. you have been condemned very vociferously in america for a comment you are said to have made that you wanted israel to be wiped off the map, wiped off the face of the earth. there have been many different interpretations of what you said. you have disputed the meaning that was then translated from the original farsi. let me give you this opportunity to say exactly what you did say, and to say exactly what you did mean. >> translator: we have been condemning th
. now thanks to a damming report from the u.s. doping agency, there is withering evidence from more than two dozen witnesses, the truth has finally emerged. he masterminded the greatest scandal in sporting history. today, nike and other sponsors who endorsed armstrong for many years, threw in the towel. nike spokesman canceled the contract due to the unseemingly unsur mountable evidence that lance armstrong participated in doping and misled nike for more than a decade. it's with great sadness we terminated our contract. and armstrong is stepping down from live strong, the cancer fighting charity. he said it was to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career. i will conclude my chairmanship. but he refuses to say sorry. there can surely be one person left in the world who thinks lance armstrong is innocent. and that's lance armstrong. the game is up, mr. armstrong, you cheated us all. shame on you. that's all tonight. that's all tonight. "a.c. 360" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good eek, everyone. 10:00 on the
bombed the u.s. and uk. after 9/11, i thought it was important for the inspector to go in and try to find out whether we destroy that or not. we later learn when he was deposed that it was destroyed in '98 and he didn't want anybody to know about it. there was never any really credible nuclear intelligence. they don't even pretend and that they have the capacity to go well beyond what is necessary to generate the kind of material necessary to turn on the lights to generate electricity. i think it's very different. >> he's making quite a splash on the campaign trail. when we come back his advise for mitt romney. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female ann
back here? >> so the good news in the united states right now is, if you look longer term, the u.s. has become a more competitive place to do business. the dollar in real inflation-adjusted terms has come down. our energy price environment, because we have had th amazing gas revolution is a much more favorable environment. we have had high productivity growth over a long period of time. so actually there is some now re-shoring going on. companies like ge are actually out there bringing back at the margin jobs they had shifted abroad to come here. that is the first -- >> you mentioned ge -- well -- the tweet got him into all sorts of trouble, challenging these unbelievable job numbers. these chicago guys will do anything. >> that is jack welch. i think what laura is saying is so so important that we have an opportunity in the business community regardless of what happens in the election had. and actually, what we're talking about, republicans and democrats coming together to say it is not about politics. it is about we have a fiscal cliff coming. we have 25% unemployment among the young.
and a little humor at the expense of his republican challenger. there is timothy dolan, the president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops and the head of the archdiocese of new york that is sponsoring this al smith dinner, raising $5 million for needy kids in the new york area. let's get some quick reaction. gloria, what did you think? >> i thought he was funny, great, self-deprecating, as was romney at points, talking about the nap he took during the first debate made some fun of his vice president, made some fun of mitt romney and ended up on the same note that mitt romney did, which is talking about civility in politics, which we seem to reserve these days for events like this, sadly. and not more often. i thought both of these men did really well. they have got some good speech writers and the president is a little bit more practiced at it than mitt romney, i would have to say but overall, i think it was great. >> i think they were both pretty good. ross is with us as well. ross, you know what? it leaves everybody with a pretty good feeling, especially in the aftermath of that he have
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 90 (some duplicates have been removed)